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My love for backyard cooking and growing my vegetables knows no bounds! Every day is a new adventure in my backyard, so come, join me in my journey in discovering new mouthwatering meals, treats, learning what new vegetables and fruits I grew, and getting the chance to watch me cook at different locations.

Make use of your backyard the same way I did. You'll be surprised at how well your food tastes when you grow your vegetables and fruits. Backyard cooking is so much more exciting experience than your regular kitchen cooking. Flavor up your life!

Sandy's Monthly Favorites

Every month I bring you new recipes that I love to cook! I enjoy sharing these with you all and have come up with the quickest and easiest way to cook them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This month's top favorites are:

Rice & Curry Fish

Everybody loves a quick and comforting bowl of rice with fish. Here is how to make the tastiest fish curry you’ve ever tried. With just a few ingredients, you’ll be surprised at the easily you can cook this dish.

Wild Salmon on a bed of Zucchini

Looking for a healthy dinner recipe that takes no more than 30 minutes? You will love this Wild Salmon recipe. Here is a fun way to cook this. Check it out!

Seafood Egg Omelet

If you’ve never tried a seafood egg omelet before, I assure you that this recipe will make you fall in love. Treat your family to this today and enjoy a great cooking experience.

*You can click on these recipes to learn more about the ingredients, how I cook them, and the cooking time. Every recipe has its own YouTube and Facebook video linked for you to learn from.

Sandy's New Weekly Recipes

Wish to play around with spices and different ingredients to spice up your food? Bringing you a variety of tasty recipes each week, this week’s must-have dishes are:

This week's top favorites are:

Achar Massala Salmon with Brussel Sprouts Recipe

If you’re looking to start your day with a healthy breakfast, this is the recipe for you! Packed with achari masala flavored salmon and brussels sprout, it’s a great combo.

Curry Chicken Roasted with Potatoes Recipe

Fresh and juicy potatoes from the garden add the perfect taste to the roasted curry chicken. It will be a treat to cook in the backyard. (You can add to the ambiance by lighting some backyard fire just like I did.)

Shrimp Curry with Mangoes, Moringa pods, Tomatoes Recipe

Spice up your regular shrimp curry with a twist of Mangoes, Moringa pods, and Tomatoes. I grew the tomatoes in my garden as they are juicer and tastier. This recipe has just the right flavor to make you a fan.

*You can click on these recipes to learn more about the ingredients, how I cook them, and the cooking time. Every recipe has its own YouTube and Facebook video linked for you to learn from.

Get to Know the Real Sandy

My love for cooking and agriculture grew as I did, and it eventually became my lifelong passion! It has gotten me here today, and I am forever grateful for the everyday experience with new making dishes, trying out new treats, growing all types of fruits and vegetables, and visiting beautiful localities.

I believe and strive towards excelling in life. Apart from being a full-time backyard cook and traveler, I am proud to say that I am also a:

  • Developing Life Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Philanthropist, Fundraiser
  • Server
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Advisor

Do you know where all this burning passion comes from?

Find out how Sandy's Backyard Kitchen and Garden got started.

Sandy and Jon
Sandy and Jon

Travel With Me

You can count on me to take you sightseeing in different locations such as beautiful backyard gardens in different areas, stunning beaches, my visits to the orphanages, and much more. St Petersburg, Georgia, Key West, Guyana, Key Largo, Palm Beach Gardens are some of the places I’ve been to recently.

My love for traveling is ever-growing, and I am thrilled to bring you along with me on Sandy’s Backyard Kitchen and Travel Show. Every day brings something new, so travel with me and get an insight into the more scenic locations in Florida and outside.

Get Your Backyard Cooking Essentials

To excel in growing beautiful fruits and vegetables along with great cooking, you require the best kitchenware. I have a range of comfortable and helpful kitchenware for you to cook your best in. Show your support by checking out some cooking basics from Sandy’s Backyard Kitchen. These must-haves will have you feeling and cooking like a pro!

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I travel and cook. Two things I love. I hope that you can join me by watching me live on Facebook or YouTube. I love to cook and grow beautiful fruits and vegetables in my garden. Please join me or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Show your support by checking out some swag from Sandy's Backyard Kitchen.

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"Salmon/Zucchini - Perfect Combination - Delicious and Some baked Potatoes - Awesome"
Paul Deopersaud
"You should be a culinary instructor. You are a good teacher. You take your time and explain everything that you are doing so well. Nice dish. "
Reza. M
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